7 Ways Your First Love Alters Your Brain- Permanently – YourTango.com

Our first love sets the bar for future relationships.

You never forget your first love. It only takes a certain song or the mention of their name, and suddenly, you’re fifteen again. You buzz with recollections of their eyes, that smile, the way your name tasted on their lips. You may even close your eyes and linger there awhile before the ding of your work email thrusts you back into reality.

If this happens to you from time to time, you’re not alone. Psychologists agree it’s completely normal to get lost in the occasional daydream about that first love. They also suggest the rosy lenses we view them through is about much more than happy nostalgia.

Many agree that first experience truly is special and helps you understand the meaning of love, especially if it occurs during teenage years and lasts for a year or more.

The power of that first love is so deep, science now suggests it can permanently influence you in several major ways. Here’s how love changes you and sets the stage for your future relationships… Click here to continue reading.

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