Welcome, brave souls

The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Courage is a heart word. Be brave. Love hard. – Brene Brown

I’ve always viewed writing as an act of honesty. It’s a way to reimagine life, make sense of the lessons, and assign meaning. It’s also an act of courage.

Being authentic and making a true connection requires everything of us- our good, our bad, our shameful. We must be willing to shine light on our darkest corners so others can safely say, “You too?” That’s vulnerability at its finest.


In this blog, you’ll discover articles I’ve written that have been featured on other websites, like YourTango.com & JoinOneLove.org. Topics include:

  • Identifying the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationship behavior
  • Recognizing the signs of verbal, physical and emotional abuse
  • Dating advice
  • Weird science
  • And much more… 

Everything is free to access, including the links which redirect you to the original site to finish viewing (yes, still free).

Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.